About the Author

Alexandra L. Yates started her career in Finance, for a number of major International companies in France, UK and Germany. After giving birth to her two children, she joined an International NGO in Amsterdam, to try to make the world a better place for them to live. Now, she is embracing a new challenge through writing these novels.

She is writing first in French, her mother tongue, but will also publish in English, the language of her husband and children.

She currently resides in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

Her debut novel is dedicated to all those fighting to save our beautiful planet.

” I have very vivid memories from my teenage years of what I felt when I read books like The Ice People (René Barjavel), 1984 (George Orwell), and Dune (Frank Herbert).

It was from this I had a secret dream to contribute to the incredible world of imagination by giving my young adult readers the same kind of emotion I experienced reading at the same age. Books are such a powerful conveyor of emotion.

Being part of the environmental movement and seeing the destruction happening around the world, I had the idea to write a story. I wanted the story to be entertaining while making people think about what is going on right now in the world. Also, I wanted to write a book where women are – finally – the lead characters.”